Toddler shows off remarkable reading skills in web video | Fox17 shows off remarkable reading skills in web video | Fox17 SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. — Brianna Wilkins knows how to say shapes, colors and fruit. She knows that a cow says “moo” and a duck goes “quack, quack.” She moves her little fingers when a flash card reads fingers. And touches her shoes when a card reads toes. She’s a pro at reading and she only 20-months-old.

“At first i couldn’t believe it,” said mother Markesha Baker who recently moved with her daughter from West Michigan to Illinois. “I’m just like me as a mom this is my first child. So it’s like, wow.”

Baker said she still marvels at her daughter’s advance reading skills. She started using flashcards with Brianna when she was just three months old. She jotted down simple preschool words like apple and elephant on a sheet of paper or index card. She held them up and Brianna within seconds recited what she saw. They practiced daily. Sometimes twice a day. Within a year, Brianna could read them on her own.

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