“The ability to read is a critical,  foundational skill that every child needs. When my daughter, Amanda, was about 2 1/2 years old, I began a simple, brief, and fun process of teaching her to ‘sight read’ words — starting with words that were familiar and important to her. She loved the ‘word game’ and regularly would ask me to ‘show her the words’.   After about a year, I incorporated basic phonics using the same sight-reading concepts for the blended sounds. By age 5, Amanda could easily and correctly read just about anything, including passages from the Bible. 
That was 20 years ago — Amanda has earned a Masters of Science degree and is currently pursuing a doctoral program to earn her PhD, while also being employed for 5 years in a meaningful occupation that currently pays her close to a six-figure salary. In addition to greatly aiding her scholastic and professional endeavors, Amanda also has a love and enjoyment of reading books for pleasure that continues today.   I truly believe that having the early ability to read (and thus write) gave her a distinct advantage. The ‘word game’ we played when Amanda was just a toddler opened many doors and was instrumental in her continued academic and corporate success. Teach your children to read early and you will give them a wondrous gift that they will use every day for the rest of their lives!” 
Marion H. 
Orlando, FL

* * *
“I bought a copy of “Monki See Monki Doo “for my grandaughter Isabelle who is 20 months old. She absolutely loves it! Of all the dvd’s I have exposed her to, she loves this one the best- especially the music! After her initial excitement when I put it on for her, she is mezmorized by it. She learned all of her body parts after watching it only a couple of times. She is very active, and not much holds her attention, but she stands still and stares at it until it is over. I intend to buy one for every new Mom that I know. What a great gift. Congratulations on a great product.”
Sharon Alexander
“This is a DVD actually designed and produced by one of the members of TeachYourBabyToRead group. I had lots of mixed feelings when I just got this DVD, expecting it to be one of the non-professional type of videos that are usually coming out from home production… and I was very pleasantly surprised! This DVD turned out to be well made and I actually found it exceptionally good for the little ones! The initial DVD targets kids up 2 years old. It incorporated the good features of many other DVDs for the small babies: similarly to Baby Einsteins they have lots of baby’s favorite images – kids, animals, and even engaging scenes with cute puppets (my kid used to love them when he was smaller). 
But that’s not all! It has songs, it has poems, it even has little animations! This video actually does what it promises: it helps you to get started with a reading program with kids – it shows 40 introductory words, that are common in baby’s everyday vocabulary.
What I absolutely loved was that the words are not animated, like in LeapFrog, they don’t have any distracting shadows and backgrounds, images on the words themselves… it is just so Doman to show large red words and to read it loud and clear. The words are followed by a small demonstration: kids pointing to the body parts, or an animal (if the word was an animal), or a puppet show. 
What I loved the most about the video is the amount of comments. My major complain about Baby Einstein videos is that they are mostly silent. On the rare occasions when I was showing Baby Einsteins to my son, I’d usually sit next to him and comment every image, every action, every animal. “Monkey See” does that for you: it has plenty of good comments on actions and imagery, plenty of songs and poems that are read nicely and clearly, so mom’s work would really amount only to hugs for the baby who is watching it. 
My son’s reaction: he is almost three. He has outgrown it (unfortunately!). He was interested for the first part of the show, but he is watching a lot more advanced videos by now and this is for the little babies. So I just turned on the slide show of the words that is available at the end. He was glad to review the old words that he has seen before, and I was glad there was such a simple way to show just the words themselves! 
In all honesty, if I ever could do a DVD for my kid, that’s how I’d like to do it. I was so charmed that I’ll be definitely showing it to my number #2 one who’ll hopefully join us soon and I’ll be looking forward for more videos from this series. “
Alenka Elly Drel 
Marlboro, NJ
“We LOVE this new video. My boys are 4 & 6 and I thought they might be a little too old for it. I decided to try it out anyways since they still enjoy the Baby Einstein videos so much, and they flipped for it! They sing and dance all over the house to it. It’s perfect for both my kids because one is all ready starting to read, and the other one needs the practice learning reading words.
It’s filled with so much fun and entertainment, great pictures and story line. I would recommend this video to anyone, if fact I want to get one for every one I know. It will make the perfect Christmas gift. I even watched it the first time around with my boyfriend before the kids watched it. It was adorable and the theme song is extremely catchy. Can’t wait until this company brings out more videos. We’re so excited!!!”
Leah Pontzius
Orlando, FL
* * *
“I love this video! My 12 month-old daughter has learned to identify all her bodyparts. I can’t be sure she can read yet, but she enjoys the time we spend together watching the video. I have faith that she is learning to read as well. It has really bonded us more than ever to see how smart she is and how much she loves to learn. She gets so excited every time she hears the song Monki See Monki Doo.”
Helen J. 
Valdosta, GA
* * *
“I read the book “How To Teach Your Baby To Read.” I found it fascinating. I have gained a new respect for my daughter and the ability she has to learn new things. I was very excited to start teaching my baby to read, but I have been limited with the time I can devote to getting started. A friend recommended Monki See Monki Doo to me. We just love it! It is just what we needed. We watch the video and playfully learn to identify bodyparts and objects that are familiar to my baby. She loves spending the time with me and loves all the praise I give her for being so smart. I love to use the slide show – it is a fast way to still get the benefits of the program. I am a huge Monki fan! I tell all my friends about it.”
Samantha B. 
Pulaski, NY
“My son (11 months old) loves Howie and Skip. We both love the music. He gets so excited when he hears it come on. The most amazing part was the other day. I showed him the word ear and he touched his ear before I even said the word! I am just amazed! I never really believed that this could work. It is so much fun and so easy to use. I am so glad I found it. I can’t wait for the next video to come out.”
Sara M. 
Jackson, MI
* * *
“My husband thought I was really crazy when I ordered the video. I tend to get on different kicks and he thought this was by far the strangest one yet, a baby reading? Yeah right! Even so, we faithfully watched the video and the slide show. One day, when Jeremy was in highchair (about a month after we started to use the program) I wrote the word daddy on a piece of paper. I held it up for him to see and he said, “Dada”, and pointed to my husband! He doesn’t think I’m crazy anymore. Now he is showing our son words too. It has really brought them closer together. My husband thinks we have the smartest baby ever!”
Leigh C. 
Sedona, AZ
* * *
“Wow! I love this product, as does my son. When will more volumes be available?”
Heather R. 
Rockville, MD
* * *
“I started teaching my son on December 6th, 2008.  He is 9 months old. I show him three words for 5 days and then I change to the next three words.  After reading he can dance with Skip and Howie and the DVD.  It is so much fun when I tell him – He is the best son of the world- and then he dances in his diaper …Thank you!”
Francoise and Paul
Munich, Germany