"The ability to read is a critical foundational skill that every child needs. When my daughter, Amanda, was about 2&1/2 years old I began a simple, brief, and fun process of teaching her to 'sight read' words -- starting with words that were familiar and important to her. She loved the 'word game' and regularly would ask me to 'show her the words'.
 After about a year I incorporated basic phonics using the same sight-reading concepts for the blended sounds. By age 5, Amanda could easily and correctly read just about anything, including passages from the Bible. 
That was 20 years ago -- Amanda has earned a Masters of Science degree and is currently pursuing a doctoral program to earn her PhD, while also being employed for 5 years in a meaningful occupation that currently pays her close to a six-figure salary. In addition to greatly aiding her scholastic and professional endeavors, Amanda also has a love and enjoyment of reading books for pleasure that continues today. 
I truly believe that having the early ability to read (and thus write) gave her a distinct advantage. The 'word game' we played when Amanda was just a toddler opened many doors and was instrumental in her continued academic and corporate success. Teach your children to read early and you will give them a wondrous gift that they will use every day for the rest of their lives!" 
Marion H. 
Orlando, FL

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"I bought a copy of "Monki See Monki Doo "for my grandaughter Isabelle who is 20 months old. She absolutely loves it! Of all the dvd's I have exposed her to, she loves this one the best, especially the music. After her initial excitement when I put it on for her she is mezmorized by it. She learned all of her body parts after watching it only a couple of times. She is very active and not much holds her attention but she stands still and stares at it until it is over.I intend to buy one for every new Mom that I know. What a great gift. Congratulations on a great product."
Sharon Alexander

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". . . MonkiSee is the best tool to engage a baby/child to start reading. You're never too early to start. I ordered MonkiSee before my daughter turned 1 year old from you. At 1.5 years old, she started reading sight words, . . . "  L Fermo    PA.    click to read more