Teach Baby To Read

Teach Baby to Read

Did you say “Teach Baby to Read?”  Yes.  That’s right.

Do you think it is possible to teach your baby to read? At monkisee.com we sell various products that can actually help you to do this. While it does sound unlikely, the truth is that while a baby is young his or her brain is rapidly developing and is a sponge for knowledge. This is a rare window of time that you can utilize to give your child a head start in life. Our primary product is a DVD that we have created called “Baby’s First Words.” This tool is crucial to teaching your baby the first set of words that will be important for them.

As a companion to the video, we have created 5 sets of flash cards which each contain 40 very important words. They are a large 5 x 8 and, and use a sharp black font, which is most likely to grab your baby’s attention. They feature the word on one side along with a picture of the object on the opposite side. This is done in order to reinforce the words that your infant is learning. These products have been successfully tested to teach your baby how to read.

Teach baby to read – Now!

There is no better time than infancy to teach reading, so it is a shame that so many parents put this off until their children are ready to start school. The fact of the matter is that by spending just a few minutes a day, your child will be able to learn naturally and with little effort. Instead of waiting and teaching your child when he or she gets older, you can successfully teach your children when they are less than 5 years old. Instead of desperately trying to catch up with their classmates when they begin school, they will already be ahead of them.

Teach baby to read – because it’s easy, it’s fun and it’s an essential gift for your child.

If you have been wondering how to teach your baby to read, and if it were even possible, we can reassure you that countless, happy parents have used our materials with success. Currently things are not looking good in the US when it comes to literacy. The country is ranked 18th in reading ability and our newspapers are written at a 6th grade level in order to accommodate this. Only with caring parents teaching their children early on can this ever be reversed. Don’t let your child fall behind in these early years when it is so crucial that they get ahead. Supply them with the needed materials from www.monkisee.com.

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