Sight Words Flash Cards

sight words flash cards
  • 40 two-sided color flash cards
  • Word on one side, picture on the other side
  • Word and picture flipped for fast easy presentation
  • Large size: 5 inch height by 8 inch width
  • Heavy card stock for firmness
  • Coated for easy cleaning and handling
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • Sharp black text on bright white background



Sight Words Flash Cards

The Sight Words Flash Cards are great for teaching children to read 80 of the most commonly used sight words.  These oversized flash cards are easy to handle due to their large size, making them ideal for teaching babies and young children to read.
What are sight words?
Sight words are any words known by a reader automatically.  These words are recognized immediately without having to break them into constituent parts.  They are also referred to as high frequency words because they appear in every sentence.

Why teach children to read sight words?
Knowing how to read many of these common sight words allows the reader to read more fluidly, without getting tripped up on words.  This increases comprehension of what is being read and makes for more confident readers.  Sight words are encountered in every sentence we read.  By teaching them with flash cards, children quickly learn the words and commit them to memory so they are never stumbling blocks in their reading.

How do you teach sight words?
Teaching children to read with flash cards is incredibly easy, fast and effective.  Young children learn best in short, quick sessions.  These sessions take about 20-30 seconds each and you would do that 2 -3 times per day.  You can teach your baby to read between 10 – 20 words in a week, or more depending on your child’s level of interest. The amount of time you would be investing is about 1 minute per day.   That is really all it takes.  Continue showing your baby the words until you have completed the whole set.

How to have some fun with sight words.
The best part about learning these sight words is that now your child will be able to read complete sentences and thoughts.  By combining the Sight Words Flash Cards with other volumes of the MonkiSee Flash Cards you can make sentences and play with words.  Most children love to see sentences built with words they know and will even participate in creating their own sentences, which are often funny and don’t make sense.  This is all part of the fun.  Remember that your enthusiasm and joy are contagious.  If you approach reading as a pleasurable and enjoyable experience, your baby will follow your lead.  You will also be able to point out these sight words in the books you read and even give your child the opportunity to read some of the words for you.
Monkisee Sight Words Flash Cards