Monkisee Books. Designed for Early Learning Using the Whole-Word Method.

Books for Babies Learning to Read. Whole-word, Sight-seeing Method.

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"We LOVE this new video. My boys are 4 & 6 and I thought they might be a little too old for it. I decided to try it out anyways since they still enjoy the Baby Einstein videos so much, and they flipped for it! They sing and dance all over the house to it. It's perfect for both my kids because one is all ready starting to read, and the other one needs the practice learning reading words. 
It's filled with so much fun and entertainment, great pictures and story line. I would recommend this video to anyone, if fact I want to get one for every one I know. It will make the perfect Christmas gift. I even watched it the first time around with my boyfriend before the kids watched it. It was adorable and the theme song is extremely catchy. Can't wait until this company brings out more videos. We're so excited!!!"

Leah Pontzius
Orlando, FL
 Learn to Read With the New MonkiSee “See and Say Story” Books
These two new books, Know Your Monkey and Monkeys Like the Color…  are short and simple stories, written for babies from birth to 3 years old.  These books familiarize babies with their body parts and the wonderful world of color while at the same time, teaching them to rhyme, recognize and read many words.  Each book features the loveable and playful characters, Howie and Skip.
What is a 'See and Say Story'?
'See and Say Stories' are simple books designed to teach children to read while being read to.  The stories are written for children from birth to 3 years old.  These books are specifically arranged to display large text while keeping the illustrations separate, so attention is naturally directed toward the written word.  By pointing to the words as they are being read, babies learn to read effortlessly on the laps of their parents.  The pages that feature illustrations also include text alongside the pictures.  By showing the isolated words and then repeating them next to the pictures, children are able to match words with images in order to help them better understand what they are reading.
Each 'See and Say Story' includes an alphabetical word list of every word that appears in the book.  The word list can be used as another medium to point out written language to small children prior to reading the story or as a review after reading each book.
The large text appears in a clean format, making it natural for young children to focus their attention on the words they are hearing.  If all books were designed this way, children would be able to read long before entering school.  Parents that use the 'See and Say Stories' find that reading to their child is truly an interactive experience.  An act as basic as reading to a child now becomes an enjoyable journey into literacy.
Why Use See and Say Stories?
'See and Say Stories' encourage young children to read as they are being read to.  The large fonts and easy to point to text naturally allow babies and toddlers to interact with the books they are reading, rather than passively listening to a story.  Each brightly colored illustration also includes text in order to further explain what is being taught.  Readers are prompted to say the words once again as they look at each stimulating, full color illustration.
How do 'See and Say Stories' Teach Very Young Children to Read?
'See and Say Stories' teach babies to read using sight reading, also called the whole word method.  The 'See and Say Stories' are carefully designed to encourage children to see the words and then say the words.  The large fonts and isolated text teach babies to read in a natural and organic way.  When babies learn to read using this system, they will read in a smooth and fluid manner, unlike older children that learn to read phonetically in a more broken way.
Although babies are learning to read by sight, they are able to break down the rules of phonics and continue on reading words phonetically with little or no phonics instruction.  This phenomenon is a gift all babies possess when they are introduced to reading during the first 3 years of life.
When Should I Introduce See and Say Stories?
You can begin reading the 'See and Say Stories' to your child at any time.  Children are able to learn to read while being read to.  No lessons are required prior to reading these books.  Babies will quickly learn to read the stories if parents regularly read the books to them.  So get your baby, grab a story and have fun reading while your baby learns to read.

'See and Say Story Books'
Know Your Monkey
monkeys like the color ...
* These books are only available in the Monkisee Reading kit.
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