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The MemoFlix Flash Card DVDs are great for teaching young children how to read using a combination of the whole word method, also called sight-reading, and phonics.
Phonics patterns are introduced and then reviewed using whole words to teach these combinations.  Learning to read in this way enables babies and young children to quickly grasp the phonetic patterns that make up words, and allows them to read in a smooth and fluent way, as opposed to breaking each word up in pieces and then making it whole again to understand the words they are reading.
Each of the four volumes of Memoflix helps parents teach young children to read hundreds of words.  The video flash cards first introduce a category, which can be a letter of the alphabet, a consonant blend, a word family or a category of objects.  Each category contains ten words, ten pictures, and sound effects where applicable.  The words and pictures are fairly fast paced, but do allow time for the child to say the word before it is actually heard.  This allows parents to interact with their child and the video, explaining and offering more information when desired.  Some programs for young children flash so quickly that the adult has no time to blink before the next item appears.  The MemoFlix DVDS are moderately paced and do allow time to discuss the items on the screen.  The DVDS may also be paused at any time to offer more flexibility to the user.
All of the words on the MemoFlix Flash Card DVDS stand alone, naturally drawing the child’s attention to the written word.  It is through continued exposure and review that children learn the patterns and begin to read.  Each category has a run time of less than one minute, making a reading session short and sweet.  The number of categories to teach in a session depends solely on the interest level of the child.  A child may wish to view between one and twenty categories per session.  Always keep the sessions fun for your child.  Do not show more than they are interested in seeing, or you may ruin their excitement to view the DVDS the next time.
MemoFlix Video Flash Cards are created for children from 3 months through 6 years old.  By regularly using the MemoFlix DVDS babies and young children will learn to read and gain a larger vocabulary.  Many of the categories feature both common and exotic animals, which are exciting to babies and young children.
Volume 1 - For teaching babies and young children to read 800 words.  With 80 categories to choose from your child will be entertained again and again.  Features Actions, Birds, Body Parts, Breakfast Foods, Cats, Candy, Flowers, Foods, Fruits, Insects, Mammals, Money, Nature, Numbers, Reptiles and more.  Run time: 75 minutes
Volume 2 - For teaching the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet and the sound each letter makes.  Includes lots of animals and objects that are exciting to young children.  26 categories.  Run time: 26 minutes
Volume 3 - Focuses on consonant blends such as br, cl, and tr.  Babies learn the names of the letters as well as the sound of the blend.  Features 31 categories.  Run time: 30 minutes
Volume 4 - Introduces some very common word families such as am, et, in, ot and ur.  Babies learn the names of letters and the sound of the combination.  Features 31 categories.  Run rime: 30 minutes
As an added bonus we have also included 'A Guide to Teaching Babies to Read DVD'.  This 80 minute video tutorial will show you everything you need to know about teaching a baby or young child how to read.  Includes tips, games, instructions and more.
How to use the MemoFlix Video Flash Cards 

Just click on any one of the 80 categories to instantly play the flash cards on your TV or computer.  It is important that the child views each category an average of 15 times to master it. Begin by choosing whatever categories you like.  You may view the whole category or only part of it, as long as you and your child are having fun.  Once you have viewed a category 15 times over a period of about one week, move on to new categories.  You can review the category as often as you choose.  In order to maintain your child’s interest. Always stop before they want to stop.  This allows your child to be excited each time you play the MemoFlix DVD.
  • Format: DVD Video - Color - NTSC
  • Language: English
  • Number of discs: 5 DVD
  • Release date: January, 2010
  • Run Time: Approx.
  • All Regions
  • Intellectual Baby, LLC

Memoflix Flash Card DVDs