Krista’s Story

This is Krista’s story of how she got started.

Krista Guerrero is the creator of MonkiSee. She used this system to teach her two youngest children to read. Krista Guerrero is a home schooling mother of six delightful children. A natural born teacher, Krista has been involved in childhood education since her first daughter was born in 1995. Krista, her husband and her full house of children all live in Orlando, Florida where she home schools and spends her spare time making new and exciting materials to present to her children.




“My sister-in-law introduced me to educational videos in the winter of 1995. It was wonderful to be able to get a 30-minute break to get some chores done and know that the baby was actually learning something. My oldest daughter was like a sponge. I talked to her about everything and she was very bright as a baby. At 17 months old she could tell me the entire alphabet and count to twenty. She could spell her name and knew the colors of the rainbow, just to name a few,” says Krista.
And so the process repeated as her second, third, and fourth daughters were born. She read to them and talked to them a lot. The children were all extremely bright.


And then life as Krista knew it would change. She was at a library sale with her mother (because she loves books!). She was very involved in looking at the items for sale. Her mother called her name and held up a book called, “How to Teach Your Baby to Read” by Glenn Doman. She looked at the title, thinking, “Yeah, right!” nodded in approval anyway, and added the book to her stack. After all, a book is a book and you can never have too many.

Krista didn’t give the book a second thought until a month later. She received an email with a picture of a woman holding up a word and a small child demonstrating comprehension by pointing to the proper body part. It had a brief description of the process, and suddenly Krista was thirsty for more of this method. She immediately raced to her room to get the book, “How to Teach Your Baby to Read”, which by the way she had bought for $.25. She devoured the book and her life has never been the same since.

Krista was amazed that this could work, but at the same time she knew that it was possible. She bought every item sold by the author of the book, including video testimonials with babies proving that this could be done. These babies were amazing and wonderful to behold. They were average children who had been given an extraordinary advantage by their parents. Immediately Krista wanted this for her children.

She set about making materials and was so gung ho to get started. As soon as she was ready to start, however, she encountered obstacles. Living on a small island in Belize, Central America, she was unable to find poster board, the recommended material to make cards. She cut up file folders instead and made cards with them. She anxiously and excitedly held up the cards, and with more enthusiasm than you can imagine, she showed them to her then 10 month old daughter. The only problem was that she wouldn’t even look at the words. Imagine her disappointment. Still she didn’t let that get her down. It was just a challenge to overcome.

Krista set about cutting up magazines, looking for pictures that would interest her daughter. She spent hours cutting pictures and making books for her daughter. That proved to be the trick. She loved the books Krista made for her. The challenge was to keep up with her daughter’s thirst for more. She devoured the books faster than Krista could make them. Krista spent more hours than she could count making materials for her daughter.

And so the cycle with child number four was not a smooth one. It was a lot of stop and go. Krista was constantly making materials but not spending as much time presenting them. However, her daughter did benefit from all of Krista’s efforts, of this she is sure. She spoke to her the names of everything she knew, pointing out and naming the specific kinds of flowers, dogs, plants, animals, etc…

Now did she learn to read as a baby? “She never read to me like the children I had seen in the video, but she basically taught herself to read at 4 years old. We worked together in a phonics book, I taught her the sounds of the letters and she took off. She has been reading ever since. She learned to read more easily than my other three children, and I attribute it to the early childhood stimulation. She is very advanced and has a deep level of comprehension. She reads far above her age level and does not set limits for herself in regards to learning new things,” says Krista.


But the story doesn’t end here, it is actually just beginning. With the arrival of her fifth baby, and first son, she was determined to put all the material to use and really see if this method would work. Krista was stocked up and ready to go, having made all the books previously for her daughter. She began showing her son words at 2 ½ months of age. They looked at cards, they looked at books, Krista wrote on the board and showed it to him, she wrote words in the sand and they had a grand time. She made home videos to review the words he had learned. He loved every minute of it and couldn’t get enough of playing this game with mommy. Still Krista didn’t know for sure what he knew. because at three years old he continually amazed her on a daily basis with the things he knew and the things he said.


At one year old, Krista was showing her son a sentence that said, “Joshua can put his arms up.” He followed the words with his eyes and when he saw the word “up” he said it. Imagine her elation! She was excited beyond belief. People that knew what she was doing kept asking if she had proof. Well, now she did. As soon as he could speak he was reading. She could write words on a piece of paper and he would read them for her, or anyone for that matter.
“The ability that small children have to learn is amazing. I am as excited today as ever about the power these children possess to learn almost anything! I tell every mom I see what her child is capable of. I have a deep respect for these little creatures and their capacity to absorb mass amounts of information at such a young age. That’s when I realized that this was too good not too share,” says Krista.


The situation Krista encountered was always the same. Parents wanted this for their children, but they were too busy to invest the time in coming up with materials. And that is where she steps in. She thought if only she could do all the legwork for them, and they could spend the time just enjoying the learning process with their babies it would be a hit.

By using the materials produced by MonkiSee you are getting the best of what worked for Krista. She has poured her heart and soul into the creation of the materials and looks forward to hearing about the success you have with this program.