Know Your Monkey Book

know your monkey book

Know Your Monkey - Monkisee

* The Monkisee Books are only available in the kits.
Know Your Monkey is a short, rhyming story that teaches young children to identify body parts on their favorite monkeys while learning about their own bodies.
This interactive book features the lovable and ever playful, Howie and Skip.  Children are encouraged to take part in learning their body parts by not only hearing the story but by participating in the actions also.
Babies and toddlers are able to hear the story and take part in reading it as well.  Know Your Monkey is the first volume in the See and Say Story line of books.
     'See and Say Stories' are specifically arranged to display large text, while keeping the illustrations separate in order to naturally direct the child’s attention to the written word.
Regularly using See and Say Stories allows babies and young children to learn to read effortlessly on their parent’s laps.  This is accomplished by pointing to the words as they are being read.
Each full color illustration also includes labels of words read on previous pages.  As you view each picture, babies are able to interact with the words of the story in a natural and organic way.

Know Your Monkey is a 24-page book that teaches babies to read 29 words.

  • Great beginning reader for babies 0-3 years old.
  • Written in rhyme.
  • Teach babies to identify and read the names of their body parts.
  • Allow babies to learn to read while on their parent’s lap.
  • Encourages children to interact with the story as they do what the monkeys do.
  • Large isolated text is ideal for pointing while reading.
  • Labels on illustrations prompt children to read and participate.