How to Use the Monkisee Flash Cards

Thank you so much for choosing the MonkiSee products! You now have in your hands a powerful tool that can change the course of your child’s future. Knowing how to read can open up a world of opportunities for them.  Literacy is the key to knowledge, and you have chosen to give this gift to your child at a time when it is easiest for them to attain.

how to use the monkisee flash cards

About the Whole-Word-Method

Teaching your child to read is easy, fun, and life changing for you and your baby. Children have been learning to read for over 40 years using the whole-word-method. The whole-word-method simply means showing your child a word and telling them what the word says. It may also be referred to as sight-reading.

Children from birth, to about 5 years of age, have the ability to easily learn languages due to their developing brains. The most amazing part about teaching babies to read in this way, is that young children exposed to language at a young age, are then able to intuit the rules of phonics on their own. That simply means that after having seen words that start with the letter ‘s’ many times, your child will know that the letter ‘s’ makes the “sss” sound as in silly, sand, and sunshine.

Some parents will introduce phonics after their child is reading well. Many parents never need to teach phonics, their children are able to read new words without ever having a formal phonics lesson.


How to use the MonkiSee Flash Cards

To begin teaching child baby to read with the “Baby’s First Words” flash cards, select five cards from the set. Sit your child on your lap, in a high chair or anywhere that your child will be viewing the cards in an upright position.  Hold the set of flash cards from the sides.  You may use one or both hands to do this. Make sure not to block the words or the images as you are handling the flash cards. Quickly flip through each card showing your baby the word first and then the picture on the reverse side. Say the word on each card in a clear voice.

(The MonkiSee Flash Cards are designed to be flipped towards the baby to reveal the picture on the opposite side.  This adds speed to your presentation, which is key to making the system successful.)

Depending on your child’s age, you may be able to show them more or less of the cards during each session. Children that cannot yet move around will usually sit still for longer periods and may just absorb the entire set. Children that have gained mobility may only sit still for a moment, forcing you to present a few cards quickly at one session.

Tailor each session specifically with your child’s interest in mind. If your child is very intently reading the words, increase the size of the set you present. If your child is wiggling away after five cards, present only 3 and observe their interest level.

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* Important Note *

Make sure that there are no distractions when you are presenting words to your child. Turn off the television or the radio. To capture your child’s full attention, be sure the room is quiet.  

  • Flash the cards as quickly as you can, while clearly saying the word.  It is very important to go through the words quickly. Children learn fast. They don’t need to stare at the card for a long time to read it.
  • Observe your child closely to determine if you can add more words to the set, or if you need to take some words away. Stop showing the cards before your child wants to stop. You want this to be a game that your child enjoys and always looks forward to playing with you.
  • Always shuffle the cards before you present them, to keep child’s interest.
  • Adapt the program to your child’s interest level.
  • Present the words to your child quickly and often.  If you can present the words three times in one day, you are doing great. If you show them twice, you are doing well. If you only get through them once, you are still teaching your child to read. The frequency in which you present the words will determine how quickly your child will learn to read.
  •  We recommend showing the words up to three times a day. Remember, you will be flashing the cards very quickly. If you show your child the words three times a day, this should take less than five minutes a day.  If your child has seen all the words more than twenty times and is losing interest, it is time to move on to new words. When children, who have been excited about their reading program, suddenly lose interest, it is usually because they are bored with the same old words. It is time to present new words to your child.

Creative Ways on How to Use the Monkisee Flash Cards 

  • Show the cards using the word side only. You may also present the word, and then flip the card over and enjoy the picture.
  • Take the time to point out your baby’s own body parts, while you look at the word and picture. Your baby may enjoy the pictures and want to see them every time you use the flash cards. If your aim is to teach your child to read, always show the word first and then reward your child by showing them the picture. You can spend more time looking at the pictures than on the actual word. It only takes a brief second for that word to register in your child’s brain. Do not attempt to have your child stare at it for long periods of time.
  • Use the picture side to discuss the objects and teach them to your baby. This will not teach your child to read, but is a fun way to use the cards.
  • Place the cards in different areas around the house. Then, take a walk with your baby in your arms and point out all the different words you see. This is a great way to teach babies that are more active and do not want to sit still to read. Use magnets and stick some of the words on the refrigerator and view them several times a day.
  • Your child may like to see the words while they are sitting in their high chair. Be creative and customize your reading program to suit your child’s tastes. If you are excited to teach your child to read, you will find opportunities everywhere to point out words.
  • Words are all around us; just point them out to your child as you encounter them in your daily life. This will make reading as natural for your child as speaking.



These cards are a tool for the parent or guardian. Babies should not be allowed to handle the cards.  Babies may tear the cards and small pieces can be a choking hazard.


How To Use the Monkisee Flash Cards