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The Baby's First Words flash cards are a wonderful tool for teaching babies from 3 months old to 3 years old, how to read using the whole-word method. Because the words need to be large in order to capture baby's attention, we have made these large size flash cards 5 inches high by 8 inches wide. There are currently seven different sets of MonkiSee flash cards available.  Each set contains between 25-40 flash cards.

Each set of flash cards contains 40 cards. The cards are two sided, containing a word on one side and a picture on the opposite side. There is a small label on the picture side of the card, allowing parents to quickly flip through the cards without having to fumble through them. This allows for faster exposure of the words, which is sometimes necessary to keep babies attention. Just remember, babies learn fast. If we are fumbling with the cards and not showing the cards fast enough, they will lose interest.
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The "All About Me" set of flash cards teach your baby to read 40 words. Your baby will learn over 20 body parts and other familiar first words. Each card contains a color picture to aid in the recognition of the word being taught.
Your child will see the word, written in a sharp and clear black font. The flip side of the card has full color pictures of the items being taught. You can show your child the word quickly and then flip it over to reveal a picture. Babies are capable of learning to read words without even knowing what they are. However, by showing them a picture of the word, you are encouraging more comprehension and quicker mastery of the concepts being taught.
The "Colors and Shapes" set of flash cards contains 40 words. Your baby will learn to read and recognize 14 different colors, 12 shapes and then a combination of the words put together. "Colors and Shapes" will have your child begin reading two word combinations. This is a very important step in becoming a fluent reader. Babies begin learning to read by learning single words, but the goal is to have them reading sentences and books. We do this by gradually increasing the number of words being presented.
Each card contains the word or words in a bold black font, which gets the baby's attention. The flip side of the card has a color picture to enforce the comprehension of the words being taught.
The "Around the House" set of flash cards teaches your child to read and recognize 40 words. They will learn 10 objects in the home, 10 items that they use or see daily, 10 food items and 10 animals that are commonly seen in their environment.
The words are printed in a bold black font. The flip side of the card has a full color picture, to enforce the words being taught.
The "Word Pairs" set of flash cards contains 40 cards. The "Word Pairs" set of flash cards will have your child reading two word combinations. We have taken the words taught in the other three volumes and combined them into pairs. Because your child has been exposed to the words in the other three volumes, it will increase their reading speed and reading level. This is an important and necessary step in preparing your child to read sentences


The Sight Words set of flash cards contains 40 double-sided cards featuring 80 of the most popular sight words.  These cards can be used individually to quickly master sight words or along with the other MonkiSee flash cards to create phrases and sentences.


“Animals At the Farm” set of flash cards teaches young children to read and identify 25 farm animals, including adorable baby farm animals.  These flash cards are a fun and interactive way to learn to read, identify and imitate the noises of the animals at the farm.


“Action Words” set of flash cards introduces babies and young children to 25 common actions.  These cards are a lot of fun to read and act out.  

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