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Early childhood reading is an important way to give your child a head start, not only in school, but, in life. Instead of being an average student that is always trying to catch up, when a child learns to read as an infant he or she will become a top student that is always ahead of the game. This is due to the fact that reading is the foundation of knowledge. How your child performs in school and in life is strongly related to their reading capabilities. While teaching a baby to read may sound difficult, it couldn't be easier, and the materials we sell on www.monkisee.com make it even easier. 

The early childhood reading books, DVDs, flash cards, and other products that are featured on our site will make teaching your baby to read fun and easy. In fact, if your baby spends just a few minutes each day with these materials, he or she will be reading before you know it. This is due to the fact that a baby's brain is developing at a rapid pace from birth to 5 years old. You can take advantage of this time by teaching your baby English, a foreign language, and even sign language. 

The best place to start with early childhood education reading is with our DVDs. Aimed at babies aged 3 months to 3 years, this is an interactive approach to reading that your child will love. It contains a parent guide that will help you begin your baby's reading program and a digital sideshow. This slide show reviews 40 important beginning words and runs about 2 minutes. By reviewing this very short presentation each day, your child will quickly pick up these words. 

Another product we offer that is very important for early childhood reading is our flash card sets. We offer 5 different sets, each covering exactly 40 words. These two-sided cards feature the word in black on one side and a full color picture on the other. While it is not necessary for babies to see a picture, this will help them learn faster by providing associations. If you are ready to get your child on the fast track to life, please visit our site at www.monkisee.com. Here you will be able to learn more about our company and products, as well as read testimonials from other parents, such as yourself, who have successfully taught their children to read using our materials. 

Early Childhood Reading

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