MonkiSee Colors and Shapes Flash Cards. Babies Learn About Different Shapes and Colors. Early Learning Made Fun.

Colors and Shapes Flashcards. Large, Two-sided, Color Flash Cards

Fast Facts

Babies are born with all the brain cells they’re going to have.  The nerve cells in the brain, called neurons, will grow and develop with use.  The brain is like a muscle, the more you use it, the more it grows.
Set #3: Colors and Shapes
     The MonkiSee Colors and Shapes Flash Cards teach babies to read and identify the colors and shapes they see in the world around them.  This set contains 40 flash cards with a word on one side and an image on the opposite side.

Babies are often already familiar with many of these words and enjoy learning to read the words as they are able to recognize the colors and shapes in their own environment. Includes 14 colors, 12 shapes and 14 combinations of colors and shapes, such as purple oval and red heart.  By introducing these word pairs with already familiar words, the child is well on their way to reading at a more advanced level.
Each flash card displays a full color image on the opposite side, which is very useful for aiding babies in understanding what they are learning and what the words mean.  These oversize flash cards are easy to handle due to their large size, making them ideal for teaching babies and young children to read.  The words should always be shown first and for ease of use and quicker viewing the flash cards flip forward to reveal the pictures on the back of each card.  There are multiple ways to use the cards.  You can read more on how to use flash cards here.   
How do I teach with these flash cards?
Teaching babies to read with flash cards is incredibly easy, fast and effective.  Young children learn best in short, quick sessions.  These sessions take as little as 20-30 seconds each and you would do that 2 -3 times per day.  You can teach your baby to read between 10 – 20 words in a week, or more depending on your child’s level of interest. The amount of time you would be investing is about 1 or 2 minutes per day.   That is really all it takes.  Continue showing your baby the words until you have completed the whole set. 
Why teach babies to read by sight?
Knowing how to read these words allows the child to read more fluidly, without getting tripped up on words.  This increases comprehension of what is being read and makes for more confident readers.  Sight-reading can lead to an understanding of phonics if it in introduced during the first three years of life. By teaching babies to read with flash cards, they quickly learn the words and commit them to memory so they are never stumbling blocks in their reading.

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Colors and Shapes
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*  40 two-sided color flash cards
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*  Large size:  5 inch height by 8 inch width
*  Heavy card stock for firmness
*  Coated for easy cleaning and handling
*  Rounded corners  for safety
*  Sharp black text on bright white background
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