Blocks for Toddlers

Blocks for toddlers are an excellent way to help your children learn their colors and shapes, even when they are very young. It may sound surprising, but the best time to teach your children is when they are very young, roughly ages 3 months to 5 years old. Too often it is the case that parents put off their children’s education until they are 5 years old and beginning school. By doing this they are missing out on a rare window of opportunity when a baby’s brain is a sponge for knowledge. We offer blocks for toddlers and a variety of other products on

Our Web site offers a variety of products which are all based on the fact that you can teach your infant how to read. One product that we offer is the standard ABC wooden blocks for toddlers that every child needs when they are young. This teaches them their alphabet and helps them to begin forming their own words. By helping them to spell out words and sentences they provide children with countless hours of educational fun. Our set includes 50 classically styled alphabet blocks that you probably used yourself when you were young!

A similar product we offer is the Alphabet Nest & Stack Blocks. These blocks are made of a sturdy cardboard and are perfect for teaching your child the letters of the alphabet. The premium, heavy-grade cardboard they a constructed with is durable, yet not too heavy for your child to lift. Our set includes 10 colorful blocks and a handy carrying case. These blocks are recommended for children ages 2 and up.

Every product offered on our site,, is geared towards helping your child learn to read, which we recommend they do at a very young age. Besides the building blocks for toddlers, we offer DVDs, books, flash cards, and other toys that are very effective learning tools. Our primary products, which our other learning tools are based on however, is our DVDs. These are fun videos that teache babies to read using fun animals, music, animation, poetry, and more. Our flash cards are a helpful supplement to the video and help to teach the 40 words included each video. Other sets are available as well, which help to add more words to your baby’s vocabulary and help them to read combinations of words as well.


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