Wouldn't it be nice if your baby could play and learn to read at the same time? At www.monkisee.com we offer a wide selection of learning devices that can help your baby learn to read. It may sound impossible, but a baby's mind is rapidly developing during the early years of his or her life. During this time, their mind is practically a sponge, and this is an excellent time to teach them. One successful way that you can teach your young children to read is with a baby puzzle from our site. We also offer  DVDs, books, flashcards, games, and more. 

We offer a few different baby puzzles on our site and are expanding our inventory regularly. Our most popular baby puzzle is the Jumbo Knob Puzzle. This item is made completely from wood and features easy to grasp knobs for baby's little hands. Under each of the extra thick pieces there is a matching picture to the word that is presented on that particular piece. Ultimately this toy will help your child learn to read while improving their manual dexterity at the same time. This is a great way for little hands to learn big things. 

We offer several other baby puzzles that your child can use to begin to read. The Match It puzzles teach word recognition as well as item recognition. Children match the word with the object in these self-correcting puzzles. Children will learn to read and identify over 20 new words with each puzzle. Another item that will teach your baby to read is the Magnetic Wooden Alphabet. Just create new words and show them to your child regularly. 

The Magnetic Wooden Alphabet includes a total of 52 pieces. It is a great way to teach children to read using magnetic uppercase and lowercase letters. Another item we offer that your child will enjoy is the Shape Sorting Cube. This brightly colored, hand crafted cube will help your child learn his or her shapes and colors. This corresponds perfectly with our second deck of reading flash cards, Shapes and Colors. 

If you are truly interested in teaching your child to read at a very young age, then you will definitely like these baby puzzle games. The other products we offer such as the DVDs and flash cards also form a very important foundation in your child's reading. We produce our DVDs to be the most efficient way to teach babies to read. They feature fun music, animals, cartoons, and other things that will make it your baby's favorite videos. At only half an hour long, it will not be difficult to review this film with your child once a day

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". . . MonkiSee is the best tool to engage a baby/child to start reading. You're never too early to start. I ordered MonkiSee before my daughter turned 1 year old from you. At 1.5 years old, she started reading sight words, . . . "  L Fermo    PA.    click to read more