MonkiSee All About Colors DVD. Babies Learn About Colors. Early Learning Made Fun.

All About Colors Video DVD For Children. With playful poems, lively songs, and lovable monkeys.

Expose your baby to written language, poetry, puppet shows, animals, children and much more with this fun and interactive video. 

All About Colors Baby DVD helps you to teach your baby to read and identify all the different colors. They will be exposed to the wonderful world of color through puppet shows, children, animals, poetry and more. Set to lively music, including original music, your baby will truly enjoy learning to read. 

All About Color is an entertaining and fun way to teach your baby to read. This 30 minute video is full of fun! Your baby will be begging to watch it again and again. 

Features a slide show to review the words being taught. Contains valuable Parent Guide to help you get started. Video will auto play if no selection is made. 

MonkiSee Baby DVD is a unique video series, designed to teach babies as young as 3 months old how to read. Your child will be introduced to Howie and Skip, brother Howler monkeys from the jungles of Belize. Throughout this playful series, Howie is teaching his baby brother, Skip, how to read. Your baby will be reading along with Skip before too long. 

Guaranteed to delight babies everywhere. Created by a mother of 6 playful children, this series is full of fun! Staring Howie and Skip 

*  Format: DVD Video - Color - 
*  Full Screen
*  NTSC 
*  Language: English 
*  Number of discs: 1 DVD 
*  Release date: October 2, 2009
*  Run Time: Approx. 30 minutes
*  Intellectual Baby, LLC

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All About Colors
Volume 2  Baby DVD
all about colors dvd
Preview Clip of All About Colors DVD
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". . . MonkiSee is the best tool to engage a baby/child to start reading. You're never too early to start. I ordered MonkiSee before my daughter turned 1 year old from you. At 1.5 years old, she started reading sight words, . . . "  L Fermo    PA.    click to read more
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