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MonkiSee Baby DVDs - Flash Cards for Babies - Books. Early Learning Made Fun.

Babies Learn Their Colors, Shapes, First Words, Animals and more. Your baby can learn while having fun !

Baby Reading Kit

Do you want to start teaching your baby or toddler to read? This is the reading kit for you. The MonkiSee Reading Kit has been proven to be baby’s favorite reading program. This kit has been carefully designed to engage, entertain, and educate your little learner.  The MonkiSee Program combines music and poetry, along with puppets and real world images to expand your baby’s vocabulary and teach them to read. . . Learn More



Baby DVDs

MonkiSee Baby DVDs are a fun and entertaining collection of baby DVDs that expose babies to upbeat music, original poetry, lovable puppets and real world images. The collection introduces your baby to body parts, colors, shapes and more, all while helping you to teach your baby to read. The MonkiSee series is rich in language and has been proven to increase your baby's vocabulary.  Guaranteed to be your baby's . . . Learn More



Flash Cards for Babies

 The Baby's First Words flash cards are a wonderful tool for teaching babies from 3 months old to 3 years old, how to read using the whole-word method. Because the words need to be large in order to capture baby's attention, we have made these large size flash cards 5 inches high by 8 inches wide. There are currently seven different sets of MonkiSee flash cards available.  Each set contains between 25-40 flash cards. . . .  Learn More



MemoFlix DVDs

The MemoFlix flash card DVDs are a great tool to teach babies and young children how to read using a combination of the whole word method, also called sight-reading, and phonics.  Phonics patterns are introduced and then reviewed using whole words to teach these combinations.  Learning to read in this way, enables babies and young children to quickly grasp the phonetic patterns that make up words, and allows . . . Learn More




". . . MonkiSee is the best tool to engage a baby or child to start reading.  You're never too early to start.  I ordered MonkiSee before my daughter turned 1 year old from you.  At 1.5 years old, she started reading rightwards, . . ."  L Fermo    PA

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What Age Should I Start Teaching My Baby to Read

Videos for Babies

Among the many videos for babies, the MonkiSee DVDs are the most important, if you are serious about teaching your baby how to read. At www.monkisee.com/dvd.html we offer these dvds and many other learning aids that will help your baby learn to read. Thess DVDs will expose your baby to the written English language through puppet shows,…

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Take a look at how some parents have successfully been using MonkiSee.


The MonkiSee collection of baby DVDs brings tons of fun to your little ones. Your baby will be exposed to upbeat music, original poetry, lovable puppets and real life images that will keep your baby excited while they learn.   With all the fun and entertainment on the DVDs, the Monkisee Collection will quickly become your baby's favorite baby dvd series.    This is a 30 minute break parents can feel great about.

Why Do Parents Love MonkiSee?

Parents love the MonkiSee Baby DVDs because they make babies happy, and everybody loves a happy baby. Parents love MonkiSee Baby DVDs because babies love them so much that they want to watch them again and again. Each DVD provides 30 minute of quality educational entertainment for babies.
Parents may use the MonkiSee Baby DVDs at different intervals throughout the day - when putting together a meal, taking a shower, or helping an older child with school. Now parents can turn to the MonkiSee Baby DVDs to entertain, delight and teach their babies while giving them a few peaceful moments to accomplish household tasks.These favorite videos are a God-send for parents of fussy or clingy babies. Parents depend on MonkiSee Baby DVDs to get them through some of the tough moments of the demanding early years.

Why Do Babies Love MonkiSee?

Your babies’ first exposure to the MonkiSee Baby DVDs will have them kicking their feet and clapping their hands.  Babies get very excited when they hear the MonkiSee theme song.  It is catchy and upbeat and babies love it. Each volume is filled with lively songs that make babies want to bounce and boogie. Not to mention that they also enjoy watching the cute and lovable monkeys as well as the real world images, children and animals.
Your baby’s language development is a high priority and the MonkiSee Baby DVDs are rich in language, both written and spoken. Each volume has been carefully crafted to include new vocabulary, original poetry and lots of rhyming. The MonkiSee Baby DVDs are interactive videos that engage babies and stimulate them while expanding their vocabulary skills.

Your Baby Can Read Too!

Babies love the MonkiSee Baby DVDs because they are entertaining and fun to watch. Parents love the MonkiSee Baby DVDs because babies learn a lot from watching them.  Babies can learn necessary preschool skills such as identifying body parts, first words, letters, colors, shapes, numbers, and much more. The MonkiSee Baby DVDs expose babies to written and spoken language without any distractions. When language is presented to your baby in this manner, you may quickly discover that your baby can read.

Find Out How Your Baby Can Read with MonkiSee Baby DVDs Collection

Monkisee Baby DVD Collection will be your baby’s favorite DVDs. The Monkisee DVDs make learning fun and this makes parents happy. Parents know that reading to their child is the most important activity to engage in to develop their child’s mind and their imagination, and we encourage you to do plenty of that. However, when you want to involve your baby in an activity that would be second best to reading, reach for a Monkisee DVD.  They expose your baby to words through written and spoken language.

These dvds have rhyming poetry and the narrations are very descriptive allowing your baby to relate to what is being shown on the screen. You will be amazed to discover how quickly your baby can read when you regularly use the MonkiSee Baby DVDs. Each MonkiSee Baby DVD has been formatted around a specific theme. Your baby can read the words on the screen and make correlations between the words and objects being shown. This helps your baby to mentally categorize words and objects into groups such as shapes, colors, and numbers. You will love these videos so much that you will soon be telling others the secret of why your baby can read.


MonkiSee Baby DVDs
These 30 minute interactive baby DVDs keep babies entertained and engaged.

  • MSMD baby dvds show lovable puppets that babies love to watch.
  • Upbeat children's music has babies moving and grooving to the beat.
  • MonkiSee theme song will have your baby singing along.
  • Original poetry builds child's language and vocabulary skills.
  • These baby dvds are Entertaining and Educational so your child easily learns new things while watching these favorite videos.
  • Monkisee Baby DVDs help teach important preschool skills in a fun and interactive way.
  • Monkisee Baby DVDs include a Slide Show that provides fast and easy review.

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